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Southern Procurement is a Mississippi based company, and the only reverse auction company headquartered in Mississippi, specializing in the facilitation of strategic sourcing and reverse auctions for the public and private sectors.

Our objective is to save the client time and money through the administration of the Electronic Sealed Bid (ESB) Reverse Auction Process.

Our process puts the control back in your hands.

We keep the buying power in the buyer’s hands.
— Vaughn Blaylock, President, Southern Procurement

Reverse Auction

An Electronic Sealed Bid (ESB) Reverse Auction is a sophisticated technology developed to save the buyer time and money with a seamless, transparent, and competitive bidding process. Our proprietary reverse auction platform provides bidders the opportunity to compete in real time to win your business by allowing them to submit more than one sealed bid during a scheduled bidding event.

Industry wide, and across all spend categories, our process produces an average savings of between 8%-18% compared to the traditional paper bid system.


Once you have a purchase in mind, Southern Procurement will assist you in writing a neutral specification designed around your requirements; including warranties, service contracts and delivery requirements.  This part is key in preventing vendors from controlling the specification, and thus your bid award.  

After the specification is approved, the client submits the typical bid advertisement while we send out Specification Response Forms to prospective vendors.  

On bid day all vendors, willing to participate, will log into our system and begin to place sealed bids, in real time, until the bidding session ends. After the bidding event, we present the client with bid tabulations, which include detailed product information, vendor information, an Acquisition Cost Analysts, and a Cost of Ownership Analysis.

Our process provides you with the most complete and clear product overview, giving your purchasing department the best opportunity to select most efficiently.


Reverse auctions work best when we can identify multiple suppliers or contractors, with services, commodities, or equipment with specifications that can be neutralized to prevent one supplier from “writing out” another.  

Construction, heavy equipment, office and janitorial supplies, commodities and some types of construction materials are ideal prospects for our process. Services such as GIS and Mapping, service contracts, insurance and employee benefits packages are also proven winners.


Our fees range between 2% and 4% of the winning bid, paid only by the winning supplier and only after the client awards the business. There are no hidden fees. 

We have worked with Southern Procurement for years and I estimate we’ve saved the City of West Point around a million dollars on purchases ranging from garbage bags to heavy equipment, office supplies, and street repair.

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